Operadagen Rotterdam is an international festival with a focus on new developments in opera and music theatre. More than ever before singers, musicians, actors, directors, and designers are moulding the classical opera repertoire to their will. Whilst keeping intact the spirit of the works, they find new interpretations that resonate with the world of today and tomorrow. Operadagen Rotterdam invites the audience to broaden their mind and experience the latest developments.


Rotterdam is a city with a fascinating operatic tradition, even though it does not possess an opera house. Rotterdam was named as the cultural capital of Europe for 2001, since which time the various organisations there that produce and present opera have worked closely together. As a united body they make the provision and the production of opera and music theatre possible in the city, they keep its quality high and they take each others’ activities into account. Opera Rotterdam was the title of the original combined body made up of eight Rotterdam artistic organisations; it was later to found Operadagen Rotterdam, a contemporary opera and music theatre festival that was first held in 2005.

This is a unique form of collaboration that is currently being much imitated, and not only in Rotterdam. It is a unique approach that can reckon on the support of the City of Rotterdam, given that this type of financing (governmental, institutional and public) provides an answer to current conditions in which the government is no longer assumed to provide the majority of the financing whilst still allowing us to fulfil our ambitions nonetheless.